OWC versus EPA

FME Law is representing the Occoquan Watershed Coalition (OWC ) in a law suit against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  The OWC alleges that EPA has violated the Tenth Amendment by imposing a water quantity standard on Virginia and Fairfax County that will cost as much as $295 Million.  If the County is forced to spend that much money on a single watershed, it will mean not one of the other 29 watersheds in the County will receive funds for their restoration, including the eight watersheds in the OWC’s territory.

This page will list the news and links to the filings in this case.

Press release
2012-07-25a OWC v EPA Press Release

The Complaint
1 – 2012-07-25 Accotink Complaint

On behalf of the Occoquan Watershed Coalition and the Springfield District Council, the FME Law Clinic filed a motion for summary judgment that asks the Court to declare that EPA does not have authority to force either Virginia or Fairfax County to implement a Total Maximum Daily Limit for nonpoint source water pollutants, much less one that neither can afford.

The filing is available at:  19 – Plaintiffs MSJ


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