Legal Assistance

The Free Market Environmental Law Clinic prosecutes cases that hold governments accountable when they violate their own rules, the law or the Constitution. Central to our strategy is a petition-litigation practice that requires courts to reevaluate prior decisions, hold agencies and government employees to account, and put false science on trial.

In addition to coordinating with legal experts to identify strong plaintiffs, we serve as a clearing-house for expert witnesses, research, amicus briefs, and consultations to like-minded litigators nationwide.

We conduct “offensive” rather than “defensive” litigation.  If you have a problem with an environmental regulatory agency, whether local, state or federal, and you believe they have stepped outside the fair playing field, you may be our customer, and we would like to hear about your problems.  If we are not able to undertake your case, we will advise on who else may be able to, or how you may otherwise find relief from your problem.

Please contact us by email at and we will follow up.

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